Monthly Archives: January 2011

Out of Mommytography 365

Okay, I just have to do this.

I have no time to put photos in the Flickr group.

My hard drive is full of odd photos that need to be deleted.

Photography is less fun and more of a chore.

Sorry, it has been great fun meeting you all, but I have to stop with the project.

Too much else depends on a well-focused mom that uses those extra minutes in the day to straighten, write grocery lists, and keep the family running smoothly. I can’t be that mom and do this project.






Onions 365*-25

Hide and Seek

Waves 365-24

Palm 365-23

It is windy today, so hard to get a big plant like this completely in focus.

Goose 365-22

I guess it was used to people feeding it.

In real life there were wonderful water droplets on the chest, but they don’t really show here.

Garden Tools 365-21


Excited 365*-20

Assignment:  Excited.

This one came together in a second. I saw the backdrop at the park, which seemed to fit the theme of emotions. I asked my son to model and he did the “not so excited” look. Then this boy jumped in. What else can I say?