Seeds For the New Year 365*-6

This year instead of resolutions, I plan to plant some seeds.

Time to plant those seeds of ideas, kernels of projects that have never gotten finished, seeds of things that can lead to joy.

  • Add more art to my world
  • Learn more about photography
  • Learn how to use camera equipment better, including flashes
  • Finish that book proposal
  • Play with my kid more
  • Throw away the weeds the perfectionism and self-doubt

Let’s make 2011 the best year yet!

Anyone have any hints on how to take a photograph of words on paper so that the whole thing is in focus, yet it is still tight?



6 responses to “Seeds For the New Year 365*-6

  1. molly's country memories

    Better watch the mice cause around here we got birds that will eat them instead of the seed…lol..good shot and great ideas for the new year.

  2. Love the idea of planting seeds!

  3. Nice imagery, seeds and all. 😉

  4. I love that last item on your list.

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