Citrus Season 365-13

It’s the time of year for lemons and oranges.

Fresh off the tree.


I would love suggestions on how to make a better composition.


8 responses to “Citrus Season 365-13

  1. I like the second better than the first. The first, where the oranges surround the lemon, looks too staged. The second looks more natural, and the texture of the oranges is more visible, giving a second type of contrast.

  2. They look yummy! I liked the second shot better also, but didn’t know why.

  3. molly's country memories

    I have to agree with the rest I like the second one best, the first looked like a flower with the lemon as center and oranges as pedels too contrived. the 2d one is so natural.
    But then I don’t know that much about arranging shots, I just like the natural look.

  4. I just read an article about some sweeter lemon that is out… I can’t remember the name {I didn’t get to finish the article… kids}.

    You could cut one and take a picture of the slices…

  5. YUMMY! And love the colors!

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