Creativity at Work 365-16

Presenting a flower as I would usually photograph it:

Now, after doing the upside down exercise, I decided to try something new. I set the camera almost on the ground and randomly shot without looking through the viewfinder.

Totally different look.

I kind of like it. What do you think?



8 responses to “Creativity at Work 365-16

  1. I like the composition of the second, but not the third.

  2. molly's country memories

    I too love the second one, I like the way the small bud was captured. Isn’t it fun to just experiment with different ideas. Hey, they can’t all be perfect, but isn’t that how we learn?

  3. I liked the third one slightly more than the second. I think just because I like the contrast with the yellow and all the green that shows in the third photo.

    I, too, have been looking at how I take pictures differently since doing the upside down project. Interesting how one little exercise like that can change how you look things!

  4. I like the third shot a little better, gives me the impression of a double exposure. Great way to experiment.

  5. love seeing flowers. I love yellow.

  6. I like the blur of the background in the 3rd one, but it might have helped if the flowers were in focus. It’s always good to try new perspectives, isn’t it?

  7. Great job and yummy bokeh!

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