Timing of Potatoes

A lot of gardening is about timing. Plant at the right time, water at the right time, harvest at the right time.

In the low desert of Arizona, things become more complicated because we have at least two planting seasons. The cold season crops go in starting in mid- to late- October (I’ve learned to wait until the nasturtiums start to pop up, which means the soil is cool enough for cold season crops to germinate.) The warm season plants go in after the chance of the last frost, usually February.

There are always a few plants that I just don’t don’t have a good feel for, including green beans and potatoes.

This year we planted our potatoes in January.

The plants started going down this week, so we decided to dig. Looks like January was a perfect time to plant them.

Now we want to learn how to preserve some of the potatoes so that we can plant the same variety next year. Do you have any ideas?

The University of Arizona has a vegetable planting guide for different elevations of Arizona. Looks like I need to replace the potato plants with sweet potatoes at this time of year.


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