The Overachiever

Cacti are known for their beautiful flowers.

This little cactus is an overachiever, however.

The cactus itself is just about the size of a baseball. The flower has a larger diameter than the cactus.

It has at least two more fuzzy buds, so you can be sure I will be watching it closely. It flowered at last night, and was only open for about an hour early this morning. It would be easy to miss the next show.


2 responses to “The Overachiever

  1. I have a huge cactus like this. It has about two dozen flowers coming up on it right now. I wish it would bloom during the day though. It’s an easy cactus to grow.

    • Yes, it would be nice if they bloomed during the day. The saguaros stay open later in the morning so you can see them.

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