Monthly Archives: July 2012

Summer Luffas

August can be a tough time for plants, but our luffas seem to love the heat.

We have two kinds.

The sponge gourd, Luffa aegyptica, has big leaves

and big yellow flowers that resemble squash blossoms, only more open and flat.

Here’s a beauty in the morning sun.

Our ball luffas, Luffa operculata, have smaller, more cut in leaves.

The flowers are much smaller, too. They are more like watermelon flowers.

The fruit are just adorable.

Have you ever grown luffas? What species did you grow?


Cyclamen Blooming Again

Most things I have read have suggested that cyclamen plants go dormant for the summer.



Ours must not be able to read 🙂

Rain Lilies Respond

Who has time to pamper fussy plants?

When my son wanted to buy rain lilies to grow in the desert, I had my doubts. They looked fragile. The name rain lily seemed to invoke a tropical plant, or at least one that thrived on rain.

Boy, have my ideas changed! These little beauties are so easy to grow and hardy, I don’t know why I had doubts.

They do bloom more profusely after a rain, hence the name.

Just gives us one more reason to look forward to rain here in the desert.

Have you ever tried to grow rain lilies?