Flat Stanley Visits Arizona

This week we have been showing Flat Stanley the state of Arizona.

Because Arizona has long been known for having the “Five C’s,” Flat Stanley wanted to find out what they are.



Checking out these cows standing in the shade of a mesquite tree, Flat Stanley  guessed rightly that one of the Five C’s is cattle.



Flat Stanley was surprised to find out that one of the Five C’s is copper, like the piece he is holding in his hand. Many people originally came to Arizona to work in the copper mines and there are still large mines here.



Flat Stanley discovered cotton grows well in Arizona’s hot climate. He’s standing in a wild cotton plant because the cultivated field cotton grows in the summer.



Flat Stanley wanted to climb an orange tree when he heard one of the Five C’s is citrus. Lemons, limes and grapefruit grow here, too.



What else is Arizona known for? Flat Stanley guessed cactus.

flat-stanley-saguaro-blogHe was almost right. Number 5 is Arizona’s sunny climate that allows cactus plants to grow so tall.

Next time you visit Arizona, be sure to look for the Five C’s:  cattle, copper, cotton, citrus and climate.



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