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Queen of the Night

When a friend calls and says her Queen of the Night is blooming, you just have to drop everything and go.

They only bloom for one night and quickly close up in the morning.

Here comes the morning light.

By the way, if this blog was 4D, you would be nearly overpowered by the sweet perfume of this flower.

Thank you, Deb S., for sharing.


The Overachiever

Cacti are known for their beautiful flowers.

This little cactus is an overachiever, however.

The cactus itself is just about the size of a baseball. The flower has a larger diameter than the cactus.

It has at least two more fuzzy buds, so you can be sure I will be watching it closely. It flowered at last night, and was only open for about an hour early this morning. It would be easy to miss the next show.

Spring at the Desert Botanical Garden

April is a wonderful time to visit the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. Arizona.

Of course you would expect beautiful cacti, like these hedgehog cacti with orange flowers.

The flowers glow in the sun.

Cactus flowers come in a rainbow of colors.

“Bee” sure to look into every one.

The wildflowers are wonderful, too. How can something called “scorpionweed” be so lovely?

After awhile you are at a loss for words.

Even the trees are full of colorful flowers.

If flowering is a pageant,

which flower would be the winner?

Glowing Cholla 365-2 and 365-3

This year I want to work on using the Golden Rectangle more, instead of centering everything.

See the previous post about the location and lighting.

Perfect Light 365-1

Because I am getting a late start to the Mommytography 365 Project, I’m going to throw up a few very recent photos.

The light was superb at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix last week.

It is amazing how cacti interact with the light.