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Growing Apples (and Kids)

My son has been fascinating with grafting since he was little. Therefore, when someone told us about an apple tree grafting class for kids, I knew I didn’t even have to ask. We were going, regardless of the fact that he broke his arm a few days before.

The teacher was very knowledgeable and patient. We came home with puny stick wrapped in parafilm and plastic tape that was supposed to grow into an apple tree.

We held our breath.

No need to worry, though. The buds above the graft started popping out, right on schedule.

Isn’t that amazing? Two little sticks can become a baby tree.

You might be wondering if you can grow apples in Phoenix, Arizona. According to the teacher, as long as the tree is growing on special rootstock that was developed for Arizona (called EM 111 – isn’t that mysterious?) several common varieties will grow here, including Granny Smith.

The top part that will produce the fruit is called the scion. Our teacher supplied us with a scion from a variety called “Golden Dorset,” which he said would
self-pollinate if you have only one tree. He also said it was a good variety to
supply pollen for other varieties as well.

Now we just have to find the perfect place to plant it.


What kinds of apples grow where you live?