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Do you recognize these pink flowers?

They are hollyhocks, Alcea sp.

Where I grew up back East, my grandmother had hollyhocks growing in front of one of the sheds. All I remember about them was that they were very tall and that she didn’t do much to care for them. They just always grew there.

When I got to Arizona, I was delighted to find that hollyhocks will grow here, too.

They are biennials, which means they produce a plant the first year and then flower the second. Some are also short-lived perennials.

Ours started from plants that were being dug up and discarded from a friend’s garden. You can also plant seeds.

Like the poppies form the last post, hollyhocks also readily reseed. It is always fun to guess where the plants are going to turn up next.

Have you ever made hollyhock dolls using the bud as a head and flower as a skirt?

There’s nothing more beautiful than the morning sun coming through a hollyhock flower.

Do you have any favorite memories of hollyhocks?