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Mother of Thousands in Flower

Have you ever seen a mother-of-thousands plant, or sometimes called alligator plant? In high school my Spanish teacher called hers a “sombrero plant” or Mexican hat plant.

Mother-of-thousands get their name from the fact they produce miniature young plants on the edges of their leaves. It is the type of plant that friends love to share, which is how we got ours. It is probably a Kalanchoe daigremontiana or a hybrid of that species.

Ours did something unexpected this year.

Yes, this is a mother-of-thousands flowering.

The beautiful tubular red flowers lasted for weeks.

We never saw any insects or birds visiting the flowers so we doubt we’ll see seeds from it. Apparently the plants are originally from South Africa or Madagascar, so perhaps we don’t have the correct pollinator here.

Do you know if mother-of-thousands will produce seeds?