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Seems like certain flowers bring back childhood memories for me, and nasturtiums are an excellent example.

My maternal grandmother always had nasturtiums growing in beds around her house,

and inevitably a vase or two filled with these brilliant red-orange-yellow beauties on the kitchen table, the same kitchen table where we would nibble fresh-baked molasses cookies.

My grandmother called them “nasty-urtiums,” I think as a way to help us remember the name. Either that, or she was referring to their pungent odor. The common name nasturtium means “nose-twister” in Latin. (Technically these flowers now belong to the genus Tropaeolum).

In our garden, we have a tendency to nibble on the flower petals and savor their spiciness. We also check for the big wrinkly seeds, making sure we will have plenty of nasturtiums to enjoy next year.

What do you remember about nasturtiums?