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Sun Rising and Setting

Photographs from a recent trip to western New York:

Sunrise over Seneca Lake.

Yes, that was how intense the color was, no digital enhancements needed.

On the last night we were treated to an absolutely amazing sunset. The beautiful pastels of the clouds made the water glow.

Now, did you notice anything?

You probably can’t tell, but these photographs were all taken from the same vantage point. They are all taken facing east.

I think this has to be unusual that you can enjoy both the sunrise and sunset from the same place, without even turning around.

Do you know of any other places where this is true?


Nature Reveals the Answers

Sometimes you have a question about a plant that is growing in your garden.

Take for example our luffas. This is the first time we had grown them. We were surprised by the big, bright yellow flowers with the faintly ruffled edges.

We know the plants produce separate male and female flowers. All the first flowers we saw were males. We wondered what a female luffa flower would look like.

A few weeks ago we finally saw the first female flower.

Then we wondered what the fruit would look like.

Slowly the fruit has been growing.

Right now the fruit resemble a zucchini squash. We are now wondering when it will be ready to harvest.

The whole process has been a mystery where nature has slowly revealed the answers. Sometimes it pays to wait.