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Rain Lilies and Rain

Two weeks ago we had an unusual storm go through and it actually rained in Phoenix. A few days later the rain lilies, Zephyranthes sp., began to bloom.

When a rain lily flower opens, the bees go crazy gathering the pollen.

The flowers are only open a day or so at most.

The leaves are already starting to curl a bit on this one.

Although their name suggests they might grow in a moist climate, we actually have a native species in Arizona and rain lilies grow quite well here.

We do water our rain lilies via irrigation. Most are on drip irrigation, but a few I occasionally shower with the hose.

It’s is probably a silly thing to wonder, but it did cross my mind that somehow the plants could distinguish a real rain from artificial rain provided by irrigation, because they flowered after a rain. I wonder how the plants could tell?